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VNA launches Advanced Illness Management Program to address the need in St. Louis community

VNA is excited to announce it has launched its Advanced Illness Management program.

Mary Fox, MD, Chief Medical Officer at VNA and Medical Director of the AIM services states, “Our AIM program has been specially designed to provide a holistic approach to both the patient and the patient’s family while working together with the patient’s primary care physician throughout the process. We are serving Medicare beneficiaries with advanced heart or lung disease, dementia, cancer and other serious illnesses who have real trouble getting out of the home. A home setting includes senior living communities, nursing homes and neighborhoods; wherever people live.”

Every AIM patient has the expertise available from a multi-professional team which includes a physician, Mary Fox, MD, nurse practitioner, Deborah Jeffery NP-C, a social worker and a spiritual counselor. This team works together to address physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs as they arise. Equally important, the patient’s primary care provider is kept informed of the patient’s ongoing care.

If you would like more information, please contact Deb Jeffery, NP-C, at 314-918-7171, ext. 1244 or


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