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Our Approach

The VNA Today

The Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis is at the center of the continuum care for life – whether its on-site wellness and vaccines, senior care, home-based palliative care or end-of-life comfort care. 


For over 100 years, VNA has earned the trust of thousands of families throughout the St. Louis community as the resource for life and the leader in skilled nursing; beginning with maternity and newborn care through mass childhood immunization programs to being recognized as the premier resource for hospice care or establishing a volunteer visit program to combat senior isolation. We have always focused on providing our services where people live or work.


VNA brings this exceptional care to you; where you live, where you work, wherever you are.

Our Approach

The VNA of Greater St. Louis Difference

VNA has continued to change and innovate to best meet the needs of patients, family caregivers and the medical community.                               

Here are a few ways VNA of Greater St. Louis is different and considered a premier independent resource for non-acute healthcare needs:


  • VNA only works on-site:  where you live, where you work, wherever you are. This makes patient access to education, vaccinations, resources and care, including end-of-life hospice care, convenient;


  • VNA is at the center of the care continuum:  from On-Site Wellness Care & Vaccines to Home-Based Palliative Care to End-of-Life Care for those in hospice, VNA is the non-acute care resource needed by families and caregivers, alike;


  • VNA customizes hospice care plans that reflect the wishes of patients and their families, including hospice care plans that align with the patient’s faith traditions;

  • VNA of Greater St. Louis is one of a very few independent community-based nonprofit providers in the region which means our focus is on compassionate care, not corporate profits.

  • The cost for hospice care is usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many health plans.



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