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Hospice Care

Hospice Care

Compassionate hospice care that provides patients and their caregiver experienced nurses to address every need. 


It’s never easy to see a loved one’s health decline.  These can be very difficult times and can be hard to know what decisions are best. 


The VNA hospice team helps patients and families live fully each day by providing end-of-life care for patients faced with terminal illnesses such as Alzheimer’s-dementia, cancer and multi-organ failure.  VNA also offers faith-focused hospice.


Focusing on maximizing comfort and quality of life, VNA offers a holistic approach that addresses the emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the patient and their family.  VNA’s experienced medical team will help families understand when the time is right for hospice and create a Hospice Care plan that most aligns with the patient’s and caregivers wishes. 

VNA's Hospice Care Program has received Joint Commission Accreditation.


For more information about VNA of Greater St. Louis’ Hospice Care by phone or email, contact Carol Emmerich, RN, at 314.918.7171, ext. 1322 or

Regardless of the type of hospice care required, VNA can include a Faith-Focused approach that meets the spiritual or faith traditions of the patient and patient family.  Choosing  hospice is usually the best way to maximize the care, comfort, and compassion a patient receives in the last months of life. 


The VNA of Greater St. Louis’ hospice team of doctors, RNs, aides, social workers, spiritual counselors and volunteers help patients  remain independent and present to their loved ones for as long as possible. 


VNA of Greater St. Louis Hospice can meet the needs of the patient and caregivers through the following services:


  • Love on a Leash pet therapy


  • Legacy photos 


  • Volunteers, who can share a meal, sit by the bedside, share stories or simply be there with the hospice patient


  • Bereavement counseling


The cost for hospice care is usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many health plans.

It might not be time for hospice care... Learn about Advanced Illness Management.

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