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Care for Your Patient

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We Meet Patients and Caregivers Where They Need Us Most

Our Advanced Illness Management (AIM) Home-Based Palliative Care program focuses on patients who have difficulty leaving their homes due to chronic ongoing conditions.begin editing.

Our AIM team works together with a patient’s Primary Care Provider (PCP) as an added layer of support for people diagnosed with serious illness(es) and their caregiver(s).

Our philosophy is that our patients deserve comfort and holistic care, regardless of their condition and where they live in the greater St. Louis area.

AIM – Home-Based Palliative Care

Advanced Illness Management (AIM) Palliative Care programs use qualified providers to make sure that our sickest neighbors get the care they need where they need it. We are community-based and provide care outside of hospital and office settings. We meet people where they are, whether it’s in their home, a loved one’s home or another facility.

Among AIM Patients in 2022, We Saw...


Reduction in Hospital Readmissions


Reduction in Emergency Room Visits

Check Out Our Palliative Care Resources

What Is Palliative Care?

Learn About the Differences Between Palliative Care & Hospice.

Palliative Care
Hospice Care

Compassionate Hospice Care

Our Hospice Care program provides end-of-life medical and emotional care for patients faced with terminal illnesses along with support for their caregivers. Patients are in good hands after they stop pursuing curative treatment and seek comfort as they live out their final days. We make sure those days are filled with dignity and meaning.

Among Our Hospice Caregivers, We Heard…


of Patients Were Treated With Respect


Felt Emotionally and Spiritually Supported

Learn More About Hospice Care

When Is Hospice Needed?

What Is Hospice Care?

The Proof is in How We Impact Patient and Caregiver Lives

“We appreciate the care that the people with VNA gave my mom… Towards the end, it was hard to keep up with my mom’s pain, because it was such a gradual thing, but VNA was very helpful!”

 How Do I Know if My Patient Qualifies?

 We work with some of the sickest and most vulnerable in our community to help them achieve their goals and wishes.

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You can also call us at (314) 918-7171 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:45 pm. When you call, please inform the operator you would like to make a referral.


Thank you to the Charless Foundation, a component of the St. Louis Community Foundation, for their generous support of the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St Louis Advanced Illness Management Palliative Care Program. 

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