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Answers to 7 important questions regarding hospice care for people with heart disease

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Our hospice nurses provide care for several hospice patients with heart disease. And, from experience, there are important questions patients and their loved ones should ask when hospice care services are being considered.

Here are the top questions people with heart disease, or their loved ones, should ask when discussing hospice care. All answers have been provided from VNA's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mary Fox.

Patient with heart condition speaking with hospice aide.

When is it time to seek out hospice care for a loved one with heart disease?

This question can be hard to answer. As treatments for heart disease are expanding, life expectancy, even for those with severe heart disease, has increased.

However, there comes a time when none of the treatments are working and the heart has weakened so much that hospitalizations are more and more frequent. Most people at this advanced stage of heart disease are miserable and become tired of this pattern.