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VNA's Advanced Illness Management Program Holds Ad-Hoc Committee with Community Partners

On April 20, VNA held on Ad-Hoc Committee to report the success of its Advanced Illness Management (AIM) Program that was started in September of 2016. Attending the meeting were physicians, nurses, nursing homes, senior care advocates, Missouri Foundation for Health and others.

The AIM program has been able to touch many individuals who are home-bound with chronic illnesses. These individuals were repeatedly returning to emergency rooms at hospitals for care for the severity of their conditions. The AIM program's team: physician, nurse practitioner, social worker and chaplain, have made it possible for these individual's illnesses to be managed and not put the burden on them for returning to the hospital for care.

If you know of someone in need who is home-bound with a chronic Illness, please contact us at 314-918-7171.

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