End of Life Care

Telehealth Care provides immediate access to VNA’s medical care team wherever you are. 

As the only St. Louis area hospice provider and one of only two in the U.S. using the TouchPoint Care Software technology, VNA of Greater St. Louis provides a range of possibilities for its end-of-life patients through its Telehealth services.


Telehealth Services are accessible from patients' phone, computer or tablet. Capabilities include: 


  • interaction about a patient’s vital signs

  • real-time visual observation through HIPAA-compliant on- screen technology

  • automated calling or touchpad response for reminders about taking medicine

  • scheduling an appointment with a doctor – all from a phone, computer or tablet


A dedicated VNA of Greater St. Louis Registered Nure monitors Telehealth Care activities and can help answer your questions or direct you to the right resource at your time of need, regardless of where you are or time of day.  



For more information about VNA of Greater St. Louis’ Hospice and Telehealth Care, contact Carol Emmerich, RN, at 314.918.7171, ext. 1322 or