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Top 6 Questions that Patients and Caregivers Ask About TapCloud, Our Telehealth Service

At the beginning of March, the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis (VNA) started using a new telehealth platform called TapCloud to help remotely care for patients during COVID-19. Given social distancing recommendations, this necessary adaptation has helped VNA continue to take care of patients where they need it most while still following CDC guidelines as TapCloud provides touchless symptom management.

As with adopting any new technology, there have been plenty of questions about TapCloud’s use and function along the way. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

How does TapCloud work? TapCloud is a free app anyone can download from the app store that allows for patients or family members to remotely tell VNA about the patient’s symptoms, pain and overall health needs. If a video visit is needed, it also allows the Visiting Nurse Association to easily connect clinicians to patients and caregivers.

How does it differ from other telehealth technologies on the market? TapCloud is customized by VNA to each patient’s specific diagnosis and asks about the improvement or worsening of symptoms specific to their disease state. With the use of AI technology, it also learns what words a patient chooses to describe their changing symptoms and can provide more specific follow-up questions.

How has TapCloud made patients’ lives easier? TapCloud allows patients to share things that are bothering them between visits but are not severe enough to call VNA or seek urgent care. This allows doctors to keep an eye on patients and reach out if they have questions. It also is usable from patients’ computers, tablets or mobile devices making it especially easy to access quality healthcare where and when they need it.

Is TapCloud difficult for older users to navigate? Patients of any age should know that TapCloud is easy to use, and the symptom check-in can be completed in 30 seconds. It’s a time saver for patients to send information, and it’s a great way for VNA clinicians and patients to stay connected between their visits.

How does TapCloud help reduce the burdens of caregivers? TapCloud allows for better communication, which means less anxiety for caregivers, and it helps VNA provide the best care for your loved one. It also allows caregivers to share pictures, track vital signs, set up medication reminders and check on supplies for their loved ones.

How does TapCloud ensure patient privacy? Everything done in Tapcloud is protected using the highest level of security and privacy. TapCloud meets all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and other security and privacy standards required for healthcare information.

To hear from VNA staff about the possibilities of TapCloud, read our launch article.

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