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Simple Ways Men Can Improve Their Health

The statistics are hard to ignore: men tend to have shorter lifespans than women. Multiple factors point to the reasons behind this startling fact, however, the good news is that many of the health issues men are at risk for, are largely preventable and many of the most threatening health conditions they face can be traced back to unhealthy behaviors. In this article, we’ll share some simple ways men can effectively take control of their health, so that they can enjoy more precious time with loved ones.

Here are some ways men can start improving their health today:

Avoid cigarettes

Years of national campaigns against smoking have highlighted the dangers of smoking, but this habit can be particularly lethal for men. Smoking can cause all types of negative health conditions, specifically heart disease, cancer and a stroke - all leading causes of death for the male population.

Breaking this addictive habit may be more difficult than most, but can be truly life-saving in the end.

Limit alcohol

When it comes to discussions about alcohol, older adults are often not the topic of conversation. Older men who have been heavy drinkers for most of their lives will likely experience liver damage, and may even develop cancer, brain damage, or immune system disorders. Even men who have only recently developed drinking habits that may seem harmless, like having a glass of alcohol to fall asleep, are at risk, as alcohol can numb pain that can be a warning sign of an oncoming heart attack.

Though there are studies about the potential health benefits of a glass of wine a day, for aging men who are already facing many health risks, reducing or eliminating alcohol as much as possible is for the best.

Reduce stress.

In our society, stress is often considered to be a necessary evil, but it’s impact - particularly, on men - is not to be trivialized. In addition to negatively affecting the gastrointestinal and immune systems, stress is a risk factor for heart disease and can lead to a heart attack. Moreover, men are less likely to seek help when their mental health begins to take its toll.

If men are able to cut stress out of their lives where they can, their overall health can greatly benefit.

A lifestyle overhaul is not always easy, but incrementally making changes in these mentioned areas can help eliminate those health risks for men, so they can live longer lives, while feeling better.

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