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VNA Introduces Grief Share: Faith-Based Support Group

Early on in the pandemic, the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis (VNA) started offering Virtual Grief Support Groups to caregivers as a part of their bereavement program. These groups take place the first and third Tuesday of every month and have proven effective. Caregivers from across St. Louis have expressed gratitude and growth from having a place to share their experiences.

New Grief Share Support Opportunity

VNA is now excited to announce the launch of a new grief group, Grief Share: Faith-Based Support Group. These groups will meet every Monday through the beginning of May and, unlike VNA’s Virtual Grief Support Groups, focus on topics that relate to faith and a relationship with Jesus.

How Grief Share Works

These new groups take an in-depth look at the way grief and faith interact throughout a 90-minute session. The first 40-minutes are devoted to a video presentation that will highlight a variety of speakers on different topics related to faith and coping with grief. Each topic is independent from one another, so while they may build on each other in terms of giving caregivers a more complete set of coping skills, attendees can come to as many or as few as they want and still get a well-rounded lesson. There is also an accompanying workbook that caregivers can use for exercises such as private prayer.

Not Just for Christians

Though the basis for the new Grief Share: Faith-Based Support Groups is a relationship with Christ, the tools learned during these sessions are applicable to all individuals going through the grieving process. Everybody is welcome, and everyone will be accepted.

To RSVP for a grief group today, visit our events page and sign up for the dates you wish to attend:

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