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National Volunteer Week: Thank you to our volunteers!

It’s National Volunteer Week!

Volunteers at VNA have always played an important role in our client programs, and they help propel our mission of providing a continuum of care to people at home and in the community forward every day. During this current crisis, volunteers are not currently permitted to visit clients in person, but we've witnessed many go above and beyond to check-in via phone to lift spirits and help maintain important social interactions. These efforts are so meaningful during this uneasy time.

Whether during a crisis or normal visit. volunteers find their experiences to be meaningful. We can't thank them enough for their compassion and selflessness attitude.

Read thoughts from some of our passionate volunteers below:

Megan, Hospice volunteer

“In the end, it’s worth it to be there for people in their last days and make them happy. Just to know that you will make a difference in a person's life is rewarding.”

Dave, Visit-A-Bit volunteer

Over the years in my career, I’ve realized that a lot of people's healthcare issues are related to isolation. So this is accomplishing something for me, by giving me a reason to be out in society, encouraging others and getting involved to make sure people don't stay isolated.”

Maria, Visit-A-Bit volunteer

“I think this experience has made me really thankful for the life that I have currently. And before this, I didn't really think about how lonely some seniors were, so it just makes me more aware of some of the things they may experience and thankful for the elders in my own life - like my grandparents. It makes me want to reach out for more.”

Donna, Visit-A-Bit volunteer

“[My senior participant] and I both read the newspaper, so we talk baseball and many other things. It’s just a nice conversation and a mutual relationship. ”

Julie, Hospice volunteer

“Both sets of my grandparents live in different countries, so growing up I never had a close elder in my life until I ended up volunteering in hospice years ago. Now, I enjoy just listening to hospice patients talk. I’ve learned a lot just by listening to them and I’m able to really appreciate life and those around me.”

Stephanie, Visit-A-Bit volunteer

“It’s been a source of stress relief from school for me. The seniors all have their own personalities, so it's been fun to watch them open up a lot more over time and have them start sharing their stories.”

Thank you to all our volunteers! If you would like to learn more about becoming a volunteer at the VNA of Greater St. Louis, visit our volunteer page or contact Sue Risch, Volunteer Coordinator, at

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