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Meet Noah Peterson, Medical Office Assistant for the Advanced Illness Management Program

Noah Peterson has been the Medical Office Assistant for the Advanced Illness Management program for over six months. He got his Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Studies from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville due to his interest in law enforcement growing up, but after going into the army as a medic for the 82nd Airborne, he developed an interest in healthcare.

After leaving the army in 2016, he worked in an air force base hospital in Illinois and eventually found his way to the Visiting Nurse Association after wanting to seek out new job opportunities. What attracted him to the position at the Visiting Nurse Association was the slower pace, the autonomy he got from the job and the fact that he felt like he was assisting the overall Advanced Illness Management program. It gave him a fulfilling role to fill.

Noah has been heavily involved in onboarding patients for TapCloud, a secure messaging app for patients to talk to Noah or Amy Michaelson, Visiting Nurse Association’s Patient Care Coordinator. It also allows the Visiting Nurse Association to relay information to providers who can look at the app as well and talk to patients directly.

He says, “Everyone at Visiting Nurse Association is genuinely nice and appreciates each other’s work ethic and ability to come together on things. We do whatever it takes to help people, including the use of technology to help in their care.”

Noah enjoys his role in helping patients in the care process. He also enjoys helping his colleagues and providers evenly spread workflow and tasks so they don’t get stressed and overwhelmed. “Anything I can do to help ease that flow of getting patients in and seen and followed up on by nurse practitioners, I’m there to facilitate that.”

To learn more about VNA’s Advanced Illness Management program, visit our page.

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