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Meet Nicole Hartman, Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Hartman has spent nearly 25 years as a CPA, providing audits, outsourcing accounting and consulting services to a variety of clients, including nonprofits like the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis. This past June, she joined the VNA team as Chief Financial Officer. Since then she’s already been moved by the work she’s directly witnessed being carried out.

With two aging parents to care for, Nicole has already started to experience the role-reversal that many people experience as their loved ones age. When Nicole’s daughters were young, her parents were full-time care providers and now that they’ve grown up, they join Nicole, her husband and her brother in making them as comfortable as possible in their later years. When it comes to splitting care between her family, Nicole says “I really don’t think about it. It’s just what needs to be done.”

Nicole’s mother struggles with dementia and her father has dealt with renal failure, and though they have not reached the point of needing palliative care, Nicole still recognizes the value of a personalized at-home care program like Advanced Illness Management (AIM).

“People with long-term, chronic illnesses who are being treated at home, at times, fall through the cracks,” she says. “It’s just very impressive to see how much of a difference the Advanced Illness Management team makes, not only for patients, but also for their families and caregivers as well. It is an innovative approach to care, with a tremendous impact.”



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