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Meet Emily Robinson, RN, Vaccination Nurse

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Emily Robinson is a vaccination nurse at the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis (VNA). Her contributions to the VNA team during flu seasons and COVID-19 have been greatly appreciated as all hands have been on deck to make sure the St. Louis community is vaccinated and safe.

Emily was born in China and adopted at ten months. She graduated from Goldfarb School of Nursing in 2019, and outside of VNA has been involved in summer school nursing since graduating.

She first heard of VNA when she was searching for a fun part-time position before settling into a full-time career. Her friend had told her about giving flu vaccines and how much fun she had traveling around the community and meeting new people. Emily looked up available flu vaccination positions, found VNA, and has been working with them since September of 2020.

One reason why she was attracted to VNA was because of their mission to care for different demographics and communities regardless of where they are or who lives there. “I think that’s really important because of how important vaccinations are,” says Emily. “Vaccinating the community is so essential to saving lives during flu season and now COVID-19.”

Emily’s responsibilities depend on whether or not she is the lead for a clinic. Typically, she will pick up vaccines before the clinic at the VNA office, communicate with the nursing team she’ll be working with along with the clinic contact, help set up the station where vaccinations will happen and then vaccinate the clients, making sure everything runs smoothly regarding processes and insurance.

She loves meeting new people in her position. Though they only get a few minutes with each client, she’s able to strike up quick conversations with the hundreds of people she sees during flu season and learn all kinds of new fascinating or funny things.

“Part of why I like working with vaccinations is because I see the importance of them,” says Emily. “Vaccines have been around since the 1700s and are so integral to society. Imagine all the horrible diseases that would exist without them.”

Thank you, Emily, for serving the St. Louis community well by making sure people are healthy and protected against disease.



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