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Meet Brandie Ball, HR Administrative Assistant

Brandie Ball is a St. Louis native who has faithfully served the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis (VNA) for 14 years, now working as their HR Administrative Assistant. She never in her wildest dreams thought she would be at the organization for that long, but the VNA team has become her second family, and she is encouraged by VNA’s work every day.

Brandie has an Associate’s Degree in Office Administration and has been in an office setting for 21 years. Before coming to VNA, Brandie worked in the homebuilding industry, but she soon realized it was not a good fit for her. She had an interest in healthcare and pursued a receptionist opening at VNA. She didn’t know much about hospice, but over time, she’s learned a lot and has become an advocate for it.

In her early career at VNA, Brandie became a mom for the first time. To fulfill her personal duties at home, she decided to move to a part-time position in the now defunct case management branch of VNA. Later, she moved to her current role as HR Administrative Assistant, but remaining part time.

Brandie sees her contribution to the organization as ensuring they hire and maintain staff that promote and drive VNA’s mission. “That’s the main role of HR: making sure we hire the right people to do what we need to do in the community,” says Brandie.

Her favorite part of her job is being given the flexibility she needs to balance work and life with her young kids at home, but she also is excited by being able to contribute to VNA’s mission. “It excites me that they provide comfort and dignity at the end of life,” says Brandie. “That’s super important to me since my parents are getting up there in age, and I think VNA would be a great fit for them and my husband’s parents.”

VNA is thankful to Brandie for her years of commitment to VNA’s work in the St. Louis community. For more staff profiles, visit our weekly blog.


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