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Meet Amy Michaelson, Patient Care Coordinator of our Advanced Illness Management (AIM) program

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

A Southern Illinois University - Carbondale graduate, Amy enjoys helping people navigate their health journeys, and as the Patient Care Coordinator for our Advanced Illness Management (AIM) program, she spends a significant amount of time helping our patients do so.

In her role, Amy handles new patient intakes, speaking with individuals and/or their families about why they feel our Advanced Illness Management (AIM) program is for them and what they’re hoping to get out of it. She coordinates this important conversation between patients and providers to uncover their “goals of care” and to ensure their care needs will be met. This communication and coordination are essential, and without it, there would be even more interruptions to the care people receive in the already fragmented healthcare system.

“Our success in AIM really stems from patients who are fragile and really need an extra pair of clinical eyes to be a safety net to prevent them from hospitalization. Our providers - even social workers and chaplains- seeing them in the home are able to paint a better picture for an office-based provider," Amy says. "It's a challenge, it's rewarding, it's the right thing to do - to help people find their solution."

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