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Meet a few of our St. Louis University Accelerated Nursing Program student volunteers

At the Visiting Nurse Association, we partner with nursing programs at The University of Missouri at St. Louis and St. Louis University. These partnerships serve to give students real world nursing experience. Though the students learn a lot from this experience, we also learn from them.

Here are three of our unique student volunteers who’ve found their way from Paris, China and Kansas into the accelerated nursing program at St. Louis University.

Jenny Zaho spent most of her life in China. On a trip to Chicago she met a young man, fell in love and got married. Here’s the story of how she ended up in the nursing program at St. Louis University:

Amoucha Mukoko has only been in the U.S. for five years. Her parents, from the Congo, moved to Paris where she was born and raised before moving to Chicago. Amoucha tells us why she chose to become a nurse and not a physician like her father:

Born and raised in Kansas, Lisa Ross was torn between nursing and teaching when she went to college. Wanting to raise a family, Lisa decided to teach, thinking it would be easier on her loved ones. Now her children are older and she’s ready to go back to her other first-career love; nursing. Here's her story:

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