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Annual Appeal Letter 2023

Imagine you or your loved one are so sick you cannot leave home because you have a serious, chronic illness. What do you do? Who do you call?

Imagine you or your loved one are facing a terminal illness and need compassionate end of life care and guidance to help through that journey. What do you do? Who do you call?

Imagine you are an elderly individual experiencing loneliness every single day. What do you do? Who do you call?

This is what Visiting Nurse Association is called to do. To provide compassionate care to those who are most vulnerable as we have been doing for over 112 years.

Our programs address each of these areas:

The Advanced Illness Management program provides in home care for those who are so sick they cannot leave their home. Physicians and nurse practitioners go to the home to treat and care for such individuals. They work in collaboration with the individual’s primary care physician.

VNA’s Hospice Care program provides compassionate end of life care through a team of nurses, social workers, care aides, spiritual counselors and volunteers to help individuals on their end of life journey under the direction of a Hospice Medical Director.

Visit-A-Bit is a program to address senior loneliness. This program pairs a senior with a volunteer to provide companionship and other weekly activities to promote socialization.

Your help to provide support to these programs means the world to VNA, but it is especially important to those who need this fragile care in our community.

Thank you for your consideration and generosity in furthering our mission to provide a continuum of care to our community and helping us bring healing and compassion to those in need for years to come.

VNA is a non-profit organization. You can donate online on our website or by sending a check payable to “VNA.” Our address is 2029 Woodland Parkway, Suite 105, Maryland Heights, MO 63146.

If you have questions, please contact Theresa Welch at or 314-918-7171, ext. 1202.

Kindest regards,

Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis

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