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A message from our Chief Medical Officer, Mary E. Fox, MD

Updated: May 14, 2020

To Our Fellow Greater St. Louis Community Members:

Even during this troubling time in the history of our world, the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis (VNA) is STILL VISITING you and your loved ones.

Our VNA teams are COVID-ready and fully committed to bringing essential holistic healthcare to patients and their caregivers in their homes and in nursing homes. Our teams deliver exceptional support for managing serious chronic illnesses through our Advanced Illness Management program and for end-of-life journeys through our hospice.

In addition, we continue to provide preventive services through our vaccination program as well as a host of outreach efforts through our Visit-A-Bit and other volunteer endeavors.

Since 1911, VNA has been sending nurses out of the office and into the neighborhoods of St. Louis to bring much needed and compassionate care.

During the global outbreak of the 1918 Spanish Flu when nearly 500,000,000 people were infected and nearly 50,000,000 died worldwide, VNA was there.

And VNA is here now and CARE-ready when and where you need us most. We have you covered!

Wishing you safe and well,

Mary E Fox, MD, Chief Medical Officer



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