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5 Items That Promote Wellness

Around this time of year, many begin to catch “spring fever” where the desire to clean house may take over - literally or figuratively. For those looking for a sense of renewal of mind, body and spirit, there are a few simple things that can help you feel good this season and beyond:

Water Filter

Staying hydrated is important for all people, but particularly for seniors who can be vulnerable to dehydration due to declining kidney function. And though the significant role water plays in health is common knowledge, many people don’t consume enough of it in their daily lives. A simple way of prioritizing water consumption is by keeping a water filter either on the kitchen faucet or in the refrigerator. Having clean filtered water nearby in this way allows everyone from kids to older adults to have quick access to a refreshing glass throughout the day.


Seeing all the spring flowers in bloom is enough to inspire a person to take up gardening. But even those without a green thumb can enjoy the positive effects of plants. With studies proving therapeutic benefits including improved concentration, purified air, and boosted mood, just to name a few, simply adding a few indoor plants to the home or living space is a small step toward creating a healthy, healing environment that individuals - homebound or otherwise - will surely appreciate.

Mobile Apps

Technology may not necessarily evoke the idea of peace, but there are a few ways it can actually help improve organization and, in turn, decrease stress. With the aid of different mobile apps, there are a variety of wellness-based tools that can improve overall well-being for those dealing with an illness or caring for someone with one. The App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android offers a variety of apps to help with things like journaling about grief, meditation to relieve stress and sleep monitors to track and improve sleep habits.

Weighted Blanket

The comforting sensations of weighted blankets have quickly became quite popular and widely used. Because of its relatively recent development, there are only a few scientific studies conducted; however, many user reviews mention that the feeling of being swaddled by the blanket, due to its weight causing it to form to the body, helps reduce anxiety and makes it easier to fall asleep, which can be helpful for those dealing with insomnia or restless leg syndrome.


As the seasons change, so does the air and as we move further into spring, the air will naturally moisten. Having a humidifier in the home (particularly in the bedroom where one sleeps) can be a large help to feeling better by reducing respiratory issues like allergies and asthma, clearing sinuses, and reducing snoring, which allows for more restful sleeps.

These are just a few easy steps that can help people improve their overall wellbeing this spring. Do you have any item recommendations to share?

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