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3 Reasons to Become A Hospice Volunteer

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

The idea of becoming a hospice volunteer can seem somber, but many of our hospice volunteers have shared what a beautiful experience it can be, despite their initial reservations.

With this week being National Volunteer Week, there’s no better time for people to lend their time and care to someone approaching the end of life. Here are some benefits that may encourage them to get started in becoming a hospice volunteer:

A Strong Sense of Purpose

For many, hospice volunteering is an act of service that allows people to practice the ideals of their faith, while for others, it's simply a personal responsibility they feel they have. Regardless of the reason, many of our volunteers have referred to this act as a privilege. Being by someone’s side during the most critical time of their life is a rewarding experience that allows volunteers to feel purposeful and spiritually fed.

Watch Julie’s story of becoming a hospice volunteer and the gifts it brought her:

New Insights on Life

Facing one’s own mortality often prompts deep reflections, and those who are spending time with those at the end of life, often end up receiving these valuable pieces of wisdom. Additionally, volunteers can receive and develop their own insightful perspectives about gratitude and what really matters in life.

Watch Janelle share what initially inspired her to become a hospice volunteer, and what she’s gained from the experience:

Gaining Satisfaction from Making An Impact

Many feel called to give back, but feel that they don’t have the power to really make a difference. Meeting a friendly new face, can be a much-needed mood booster for someone approaching the end of life. By becoming a hospice volunteer, the simple gift of presence and conversation is a small thing that can bring happiness to someone who is dying, offer families a break from what may feel like constant companionship with a sick loved one, and give volunteers an opportunity to change someone’s life for the better.

Watch Amy & Jackie’s story on how seeing the impact of their companionship to hospice patients as volunteers made them feel.

Whether inspired by personal experiences, a spiritual calling, or otherwise, the decision to become a hospice volunteer is a rewarding one.

For information about how to volunteer with our hospice patients at the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis, visit our page on our site.

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