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3 Reasons Seniors Should Visit the Library

As students return to school, the spirit of academia is in the air. Believe it or not, learning isn’t limited to the classroom or to school-aged individuals. The library can be an incredible resource for seniors and, fortunately, St. Louis has so many great libraries with many benefits they can take advantage of.

Read our article to discover a few things seniors can enjoy at the library:

The Books

There’s almost no better place for lifelong learning than at the library, where seniors can access a wealth of information on a wide range of topics. Cognitive stimulation is an important part of senior health and reading is a pleasant and effortless way to do so. Whether it’s a new interest or one that’s already been mastered, there’s always uncharted territory to be explored. With more books than anyone could read in a lifetime, seniors can escape to new worlds of their literary choosing.

The Facilities

Beyond access to books, libraries can offer seniors some much-needed access to computer labs and printers that can be used to fill out medical or federal forms, or simply connecting with loved ones through social media or emails. Air conditioned in the summertime and heated in the winter months, libraries are comfortable and cozy enough for visitors to spend hours on end, no matter the time of year. In addition to tables, most libraries are decorated with plants and comfortable chairs, all of which help to create a peaceful atmosphere where seniors can feel relaxed.

The Classes

Though reading is largely regarded as a solo activity, libraries can be a great site for social engagement that keeps seniors emotionally healthy. Libraries across the nation offer workshops and classes for all ages, with some being specifically designed to accommodate seniors with technology classes and more. Some libraries even coordinate programs with nursing homes and senior living communities to ensure common issues like limited transportation or physical mobility don’t keep seniors from enjoying all the library has to offer.

To discover what great events for seniors are happening at local St. Louis libraries, visit

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