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3 Benefits of a Medical Alert Device

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Advancements in technology have made many things possible and, arguably, the most important of those developments have been in the medical field. Today, there are several medical alert systems that allow people to feel safe, protected and unlimited in their own homes, in spite of their health conditions.

In a medical emergency, users can simply press a button on a wearable device - typically a pendant worn around the neck or wrist - to alert first responders or loved ones for help. Fortunately, these devices are easy to set up and use, and the most difficult part of the process tends to be deciding which device to go with, depending on need.

24-hour protection

The most straightforward benefit of having a medical alert system is having the ability to receive immediate assistance for all types of emergency situations. In addition to dispatching an ambulance for medical assistance, life alert systems can also alert fire departments, police departments and even loved ones who’ve been identified as emergency contacts. With a medical alert device, help from trained medical professionals is available to a person in need (any day of the week, at any hour) while help is on the way.

Independence for seniors

Many seniors are so afraid of falls that they limit their mobility, which reduces balance and range of motion over time, and can end up causing the very fall they were so afraid of. Though accidents happen, fall injuries are preventable. With a medical alert device, seniors can have the freedom to move around their homes again knowing that help is just around the corner, should an emergency occur.

Peace of Mind

Worrying about a senior loved one living alone is a common concern, which can cause people to seek in-home help for that loved one or move them into a care facility. For many older adults, this type of regular supervision and care is necessary, but for others this type of living situation isn’t. Having a medical alert device offers families the reassurance that their senior loved one has access to 24-hour access to medical help, and even gives them the option to check in themselves, ultimately eliminating the cost of a care facility or hired in-home assistance.

These are just a few of the benefits of medical alert devices that can make life feel a bit safer and easier for seniors and their families.

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