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A Family of Caregivers for Advanced Illness Management Patient, Rhonda Crane

Around this time last year, Rhonda Crane was celebrating the end of chemo after beating breast cancer. Her daughter, Maggie, celebrated alongside her; and together, they planned Rhonda’s return to work. Rhonda is the owner of Magpie’s On Main, a popular restaurant in St. Charles.

But soon after, Rhonda experienced difficulty breathing. She and her family assumed it was asthma but after being awakened one night by her cat, Eddie, sniffing her right breast, Rhonda had a feeling that a more serious diagnosis was coming. Sure enough, her doctor confirmed the cancer in her breast had returned and moved to her lungs.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first experience the Crane family has had with intuitive animals seeming to sense illness. In our video below, you can watch both Rhonda and Maggie share their experiences with family cats, specifically, Eddie.

A lot has changed since the diagnosis, but for a driven entrepreneur like Rhonda, it takes a lot to slow her down. Watch Maggie share the value that support from many has on caregivers like her, ranging from the care of professionals in our AIM program to thoughtful neighbors.

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