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5 Exhibits at The Magic House to Enjoy with Young Relatives in St. Louis

The holidays usually provide a rare opportunity for older and younger family generations to spend time together, but with the hustle and bustle of the season it can be challenging to actually take in those special moments. In between juggling invites to festive gatherings, planning holiday dinners or hosting family from out of town, it can be all too easy to get swept up in the stress that comes along with the season and let this time fly by without making those lasting holiday memories with loved ones.

Fortunately, families in St. Louis have the opportunity to spend engaging and cognitively-stimulating time with each other at various events, museums, and landmarks during the season. The Magic House is one of those celebrated museums; and for young ones, it’s a great place to build memories with their aging relatives.

Here are some exhibits that are great for children and their grandparents or older relatives to enjoy together in a way that bonds them together and benefits them both:

Kid’s Construction Zone

In this exhibit, older relatives can assist their younger loved ones with creating architectural designs and bringing them to life, which are hands-on activities that encourage learning and development in children, and exercises cognitive function, which is great for aging adults.

Music Play - Play Music

Families can play a game of musical chairs or perform concerts for each other using "life-sized instruments" at this musical exhibit. In general, it’s said that music has the power to heal, but there is a study that suggests that music improves overall well-being for those in palliative care.

Balls In Motion

A recent study shows that new parts of the brain become active after studying physics. This exhibit offers hands-on examinations of physics where older adults and their young relatives can test their scientific theories by sending a ball around a ramp they’ve built.

Wonder Works

This exhibit offers little ones the chance to explore nature’s various wonders with several different activities like:

  • digging through sand

  • climbing a submersible

  • going through tunnels

  • examining creatures under a microscope

Though older adults may not be able to do the crawling or climbing, simply walking around this exhibit to follow young children provides an opportunity for physical activity, which is encouraged for aging adults.

Forever Forest

This traveling exhibit (here until January 6) allows visitors to learn about the value of sustainability, specifically transportation needs and selective harvesting. This exhibit helps older adults teach young kids the value of conservationism, with activities like:

  • adding construction to small houses

  • exploring tree-top climbers

  • riding a mini replica of a Union Pacific train

Families who are looking to entertain older adults and young children can enjoy making meaningful holiday memories together by visiting any of these engaging exhibits at The Magic House.

The Magic House is located in Kirkwood, Missouri. Thoughts and expressions are those of the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater St. Louis.

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