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Q & A with Sheronda Brown

q & a with sheronda brown

Sheronda Brown, VNA’s Community Outreach Manager, works on creating partnerships and relationships on behalf of VNA. Brown worked in hospice care before starting her position at VNA, and we talked to her about her role and the relationships she develops in the community.

When you establish relationships in the community, how do you communicate the VNA difference when building those relationships?

We’ve been able to differentiate ourselves because we’re a nonprofit and we’re honest about our services. When we build relationships we don’t oversell, we simply give them what’s there. We work hard to build relationships with people and earn their trust this way. It is the strong relationships with people that build successful partnerships.

What do you want people to know about VNA?

I want people to know that we’re a community-based initiative with the goal of working with those in the St. Louis area. We care for the wellbeing of the community and help people live the healthiest lives possible.

What are you focused on in your work for 2017?

My focus is continually branding VNA. We want to make sure community doctors to personal caregivers are aware of who we are and what we can deliver. We have new programs, including advanced illness management and private duty that have enriched our brand and furthered our mission. Our message has been very focused in our core service areas, and it will continue to be so in 2017. I come in as a voice of VNA and hope to build better partnerships with organizations in the community.

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