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VNA volunteer crochets prayer blankets to bring comfort to hospice patients

Since 2013, Pam Zeman has been hand crocheting blankets and prayer shawls for hospice patients and family members. As a VNA volunteer for 14 years, Pam has found that this small act of service is a powerful way to tangibly provide the warmth and care to patients in need.

Pam carefully works on each blanket with love and prayer. She hopes the gift not only provide comfort but also serves as a symbol of remembrance long after their time of use. Because many patients receiving the blankets struggle with Alzheimer’s, she intentionally uses bright and vibrant colors, knowing that such colors and patterns can trigger the positive sensory receptors that elicit joy and happiness.

Each patient, as well as their loved ones, are often overcome with gratitude for her gifts. Though the gesture may seem small, it carries deep meaning and encouragement. The chance to see a smile that may have been missing from a loved one’s face is a beautiful opportunity that can help families reflect on their legacy.

Pam is one of the many VNA volunteers who choose to share their gifts with patients. She daily exhibits the intentional and personal care that not only supports hospice patients, but deeply impacts their families as well. It is this kind of compassion that is so present among VNA volunteers and allows VNA to provide quality end of life care.


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