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"My Head" - A poem about the impact of Alzheimers written by an Alzheimers patient.

“Sister Marje” who passed away on January 6, 2016. Sister was a professed Religious Sister for 70 years. In her memoir, she said, “Life has become more of a matter of each present moment. I am grateful for my religious call. I am grateful for my family and all my life’s experience. I am grateful that a time will come, perhaps soon, when I receive my final summons. I praise God for everything.”

When Sister Marje was diagnosed with ‪#‎Alzheimers‬ Dementia in 2005, she wrote the following:

My Head

I’ve a suspicion something is wrong with my head. It works weirdly, And never in my whole life long Have I met a person like me – in the head, that is. This is how it works: I meet someone, talk with someone, And I think I know that one. Afterwards—no memory of the person’s face, Only the personality sticks with me. Is this weird or what? I can’t remember faces… With time, personality and face merge And I remember the person, face and all. As with those whom I live. But don’t ask me what they look like, For I cannot tell you that. Color of eyes or hair, shape of face, Nope, nary a detail. But the personality I know. If you know anyone like me Please tell me because I And the person you know could start a support group, Even if we were but two or three what we would do in our meetings I’m not sure Probably we wouldn’t remember much to talk about….


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