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5 Ways to kick-start your business wellness program this summer

Each year, the warmer months in St. Louis influence companies, big and small, to implement wellness programs that guide their employees in various outdoor activities to improve their health during the work day. There are many ways to structure and implement a wellness program at your business, but before you jump in, here are five pointers to think about that can improve your wellness program:

  1. Make healthy choices easy for your employees. Encourage them to use their break and down times to make healthy choices. Provide exercise recommendations, a map of surrounding walking/running routes, and healthy lunch options (food truck, fruit bowl, local healthy food recommendations, etc.)

  2. Create structure to your program, but make sure to allow enough flexibility that can inspire others to generate ideas that keep them engaged. Make sure to frequently ask for new ideas, but also track participation and results to revise, repeat or remove activities.

  3. Many studies indicate that incentives to participate in office wellness programs simply don’t work, but rather public praise, flexibility and employee-to-employee interaction are much more compelling aspects of a successful program. Make sure your business recognizes achievements and that wellness activities are social in nature.

  4. Lead with positive messages to build awareness and excitement for your program. People understand the implications of poor health. Identify what matters to your employees in their professional and personal life and communicate how improved wellness can enhance those areas.

  5. Use various internal business activities to embed wellness concepts. Some top opportunities could include trainings, leadership meetings, community outreach initiatives, or even regular staff meetings.

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