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Compassionate care for all faith traditions: A report from VNA's Chaplaincy Resident, Regina Gra

The report below is from an interview with Regina Gray, Chaplaincy Resident at VNA in St. Louis, on April 1, 2016. Regina Gray is a seminary student at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis, MO. She came to VNA in St. Louis to fulfill her contextual aid placement and pursue an interest in hospice care.

Caring for multiple faith traditions at VNA

Over the last year, Regina has worked with multiple faith leaders and clergy across denominations and faith traditions to improve VNA’s hospice care services. Her research has produced updated curriculums and materials that inform VNA nurses and staff on various faith traditions. This work is extremely important as the VNA continues to expand its hospice services to more individuals and families. VNA can appropriately pray, guide and connect with people based on their faith traditions during the end-of-life phase to provide the most comfort.

Additionally, Regina has focused on informing families about the best quality of life during hospice and celebrating life after death. Whether it is providing prayer or facilitating a celebration of life memorial service, she works to help bring joy from sorrow and compassion whenever it’s needed.

Support beyond one's faith

VNA is a nonprofit, so services can be provided in an affordable manner. In addition, being a nonprofit enables nurses and staff to allocate more time to each family. As a result, any needed emotional or spiritual support can be provided beyond death.

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