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The VNA hospice team helps patients and families live fully each day by providing end-of-life care for patients faced with terminal illnesses such as Alzheimer’s-dementia, cancer and multi-organ failure.


Our hospice care team includes:

  • ​physicians, RNs and medical aides

  • social workers

  • spiritual counselors

  • volunteers


What is hospice care?


Hospice care is end-of-life medical and emotional care for patients faced with terminal illnesses along with help and support for their caregivers.


When is it time for hospice care?


When a person has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and they no longer want to seek curative measures, they are ready for hospice care. The benefit is structured for 6 months, but the national average for a person to be in hospice is 54 days.


Does Medicare cover hospice care?

The cost for hospice care is usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid and many health plans.

Does VNA serve veterans?

Yes, and we are even a "We Honor Veterans" certified organization. To learn more, visit


VNA can include a Faith-Focused approach that meets the spiritual or faith traditions of the patient and patient family.

Contact Our Hospice Team


314.918.7171 ext. 1322 

Or, provide the following contact information and our team will reach out soon to discuss your care needs. 

*By contacting VNA, you will not be added to our marketing lists.

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Hospice Care: 40 years of compassionate end-of-life support by VNA

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Is it time for hospice? This brochure can help you decide.


Learn about the differences between palliative care and hospice.

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