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COVID-19 Vaccination Registration

To register an organization within Phase 1 or Phase 2.

For Organizations: VNA is currently scheduling organizations and companies in Phase 1  & Phase 2 populations. If you are an organization in Phase 1  or Phase 2 as listed below, please complete the form or call 314-918-7171 ext. 1246 to get your organization on our list to be scheduled.

Important Reminders: 

  • Registration does not guarantee that you will receive a vaccination from VNA.

  • VNA will provide vaccines as supply permits. Appointments will be scheduled with organizations.​

  • VNA cannot accommodate walk-in requests.


Phase 1 & Phase 2 Descriptions 

List of Organization Types with Eligible Employees

Phase 1A: Populations are defined as the following:

  • Group A: Hospitals, long-term care facilities and residents including the Department of Mental Health (DMA) operated facilities.

  • Group B: Home Health, Hospice, Dialysis Centers and Urgent Care.

  • Group C: Vaccinator staff and those administering COVID-19 testing.

  • Group D: Congregate community healthcare settings, including DMH contracted settings (staff and residents) and adult daycares.

  • Group E: EMS and high-risk non-congregate healthcare, including clinics, private physicians and home care providers.

  • Group F: All remaining patient-facing healthcare providers, including but not limited to healthcare workers in emergency shelters, dental offices, school nurses, pharmacies, public health clinics, mental/behavioral health providers and correctional settings.

Phase 1B - Tier 1 Populations are defined as the following:

  • Non-Patient Facing Public Health Infrastructure: Administrators and staff at federal, state, or local public health agencies and other healthcare workers who carry out functions necessary to the operation of the state's healthcare infrastructure that was not included in 1A.

  • First Responders: All federal, state, and/or local first responders beyond EMS/EMTs in 1A, including law enforcement, fire services, corrections and certain social service agencies.

  • Emergency Management and Public Works: Federal, state, or local government employees in emergency management and public works agencies, identified nonprofit organizations designated as partner voluntary agencies.

  • Emergency Services Sector: Employees defined in the emergency services sector not otherwise listed, including law enforcement, fire and rescue services, emergency medical services, emergency management and public works.

Phase 1B - Tier 3 Populations are defined as the following:

  • Education: Teachers, faculty and staff in public, private and non-profit Pre K-12.

  • Childcare: Faculty and staff in a DHSS or DSS - licensed facility providing basic care to children.

  • Communications Sector:  Employees at public, private or non-profit organizations that provide communication services.

  • Dams Sector:  Employees at public, private or non-profit organizations that provide services in the dams sector related to critical water retention and control services.

  • Energy Sector:  Employees at public, private or non-profit organizations that provide energy services, regardless of the energy source.

  • Food/Agriculture Sector - initial*: Employees of certain food production and processing facilities, and related operations, prioritizing mass food production, distribution, transportation, wholesale and retail sales, including grocery and convenience stores where groceries are sold; includes veterinary services.

  • Government*:  Elected officials in any branch of government at the state, county and/or municipal levels required for the continuity of government; members of the judiciary at the federal, state and /or local levels required for the continuity of government; employees designated by the federal government that fall within the state's vaccine allocation responsibilities; other designated government personnel required for the continuity of government.

  • Information Technology Sector: Employees at public, private or non-profit organizations that provide IT services.

  • Nuclear Reactors, Material and Waste Sector: Employees at public, private or non-profit organizations that work in this sector.

  • Transportation Systems Sector: Employees in the transportation systems sector including aviation, highway and motor carriers, maritime transportation systems, mass transit and passenger rail, pipeline systems, freight rail and postal shipping.

  • Water and Wastewater Systems Sector:  Employees at public, private and/or non-profit organizations that provide drinking or wastewater services.

Phase 2 - Equity and Economic Recovery

  • Chemical Sector:  Employees engaged in the manufacture, store, use, and transport of potentially dangerous chemicals and other diverse products in the chemical sector that are essential to modern life and economic activity.

  • Commercial Facilities Sector: Employees engaged in activities related to the eight subsectors within the commercial facilities sector.

  • Critical Manufacturing Sector:  Employees in critical manufacturing engaged in teh production of certain goods.

  • Defense Industrial Base Sector:  Employees that contribute to products and services that are essential to mobile, deploy and sustain military operations and national defense.

  • Financial Service Sector:  Employees with the financial services sector.

  • Food/Agriculture Sector - Remaining populations within the sector not included in 1B, including restaurants.

  • Government: Other state and local government designated personnel required to provide essential services.

  • Higher Education:  Faculty and staff at public, private and/or nonprofit higher education institutions.

  • Disproportionately Affected Populations:  Populations at increased of acquiring or transmitting Covid-19, with emphasis on racial/ethnic minorities not otherwise included in 1B.

  • Homeless:  Populations at increased risk of acquiring or transmitting Covid-19, excluded those that ere already included in 1B.


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