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Patient Care Services Committee

Patient Care Services Committee

As a health care organization, one of our core values and beliefs is our commitment to provide the highest quality care to our patients.  


This core belief is also shown through the Patient Care Services Committee, which is a committee of the VNA Board of Directors. Its purpose is to provide guidance and oversight to the organization for quality patient care.

The committee members include physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, an elder law attorney, healthcare executives and clinical management staff.  These individuals volunteer their time because they believe in the mission of the organization and are committed to giving back to the St. Louis community.

Committee Members:

  • Steven Jacobson, MD Chair, Patient Care Services Committee   (Board Certified: Internal Medicine)

  • M. Robert Hill, MD, Clinical Physician - VNA Advanced Illness Management (Board Certified: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine & Geriatrics)

  • Mary Fox, MD,  Clinical Physician - VNA Advanced Illness Management & Chief Medical Officer (Board Certified: Family Practice)

  • R. Jack Davidson, MD, MBA (Board Certified: Obstetrics & Gynecology Medicine)

  • Carol DiSanza, LNHA (Nursing Home Administrator)
  • Royal Eaton, MD (Board Certified: Internal Medicine & Pulmonary Medicine)

  • Ken Haller, MD (Board Certified: Pediatric Medicine)

  • Nesa Joseph, MHA, EdD 

  • Edina Karahodzic, MD  (Board Certified: Family Medicine)
  • Zinnat P. Meghjee, DO  VNA Hospice Medical Director (Board Certified: Internal Medicine)
  • Louise Probst, BSN, RN, MBA

  • Michelle Z. Schultz, MD, Clinical Physician - VNA Advanced Illness Management (Board Certified: Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology and Palliative Medicine)

  • Debra Schuster, MHA, JD  (Elder Law)

  • Christopher Veremakis, MD (Board Certified: Internal Medicine, Critical Care Medicine & NeuroCritical Care)

  • Russell Won, MD (Family Medicine)

Staff to Committee:

  • Carol Emmerich, RN,  Director Hospice Care & Director Private Duty Services

  • Tonya Stacy, Chief Operating Officer

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